Welcome to Bottom Time Diving

       Here is a brief look at the story behind Bottom Time Diving Ltd. Part. (Bottom Time Ltd).  I started this company in May of 2546 after I completed my IDC course and became a Specialty Instructor in Phuket, Thailand.  I felt since I was a new professional in the diving industry, it would be a good idea to freelance for a while and see what was available, both here in Phuket and elsewhere.  It took a while to come up with my company name because it had to be catchy and unique, there are over 120 plus companies here in Phuket!  I chose Bottom Time because the name didn't limit itself to one location or geographic area and it is a very common diving term (Bottom Time is a phrase that means the length of your dive).  By starting a company, creating business cards and t-shirts, it gave me an official image (name and number) to give dive shops and resorts if they needed assistance with teaching classes or an extra instructor/DM on live-a-board/day boats.  In addition to being certified as a Bauer compressor technician, I offer quite a lot scuba courses (check out the scuba class page).  I teach entry level classes for those new to diving as well as advanced ratings and specialty courses to divers with more experience (i.e. Deep, E.F.R., Enriched Air (Nitrox), Multi-Level, Navigation, Underwater Photography, Underwater Videography, Wreck).  Let's go diving!!!!!